Aluminium Curtain Walling

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Aluminium Curtain Walling
Aluminium Curtain Walling – notice the huge glass panels that literally form the exterior wall of the house

A few days ago I was preparing a quotation for a client’s Grand Design project and they asked me to explain the benefits of adding Aluminium Curtain Walling to their home. So as this question has been such a hot topic lately, I thought it best to write down some of the points we discussed.


What is Curtain Walling?

Curtain Walls are stunning windows which take advantage of a modern building’s core structural design to be able to render a non-load bearing external wall completely or partially in glass. If your design calls for continuous glazing that spans more than one floor level then there is a good chance that you require Aluminium Curtain Walling.

Because Curtain Walling generally consists of long mullions (mullions are the vertical frame members that hold the glass in place) they need to be made from strong enough sections to withstand many types of load. Wind, Dead and Thermal are the 3 types of load most associated with domestic buildings. Aluminium has the perfect properties to meet the needs of Curtain Walling while keeping your home completely water- and wind-resistant.


Curtain Walling allows maximum natural daylight to enter your home

It is well known that we function better with a good degree of natural daylight. Whether you have curtain wall in a stairwell or a bedroom you can be sure that the large expanses of glass will provide you with a stunning amount of natural daylight throughout the year.

Make sure you use Slim Line, Aestetical Horizontal Lining or Structural Sealed Glazing options within the system to maximize natural light.


Aluminium Curtain Walling just looks stunning!

Freedom of design is almost guaranteed by the fact that such large panels of glass can be incorporated into any building. Where there is a requirement for opaque or coloured glass or even solid panels, Aluminium Curtain Walling can offer it all. With a visible exterior width of around 50mm and different shape exterior caps our CW50 curtain walling provides ultimate flexibility to suit almost any project.


If you have any questions about adding Curtain Walling to your project, please leave a comment below – or Call Us on 0203 00 22 088.

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  1. David Spillane

    Q. Can curtain walling include openers (sliding?) to the ground floor? Thanks.


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