Aluminium Slim Sliding Doors

Aluminium slim sliding doors. Learn what to look for amongst the many systems on the market.

Must have requirements to be classified as truly Aluminium Slim Sliding Doors

To qualify as a truly slim aluminium sliding door the system should achieve a minimum 95% transparency.

Therefore, if the magic 95% is to be achieved then virtually all of the outer frame will need to be designed to be hidden!

Most importantly, whether hidden behind a stone, brick or timber facade the outer frame should not be in view.

Standard sliding aluminium glass doors normally described as “patio doors” are not designed to be “built-in” to the structure.

They generally do not have the correct drainage detail to be able to collect and disperse water in the volume associated with large expanses of glass.

As rainwater is driven against the glass panels and falls downward, this significant volume of water heads towards the drainage channel where it will be collected and routed through large thermally broken chambers.

From the exit points of the chambers, the water is then routed into either a system specific drainage trough or something similar to a 3rd party ‘Aco Drain’

Aluminium Slim Sliding Door Integral Gutter
Hi-Finity Slim Sliding Aluminium Door with Integral gutter system

Aluminium Slim Sliding Doors standard features

  • Slim Minimal Sightlines
  • High Security
  • Laminated Glass
  • Ease Of Use
  • Smooth Manual Opening
  • 10 year Glass Warranty

Aluminium Slim Sliding Doors extra features

  • Motorised Opening via key fob
  • Electric Locking
  • Smart-motor that detects obstructions
  • Triple Glazing
  • Shading and Solar options
  • Cornerless opening

Interestingly, delivery times from order can range from anywhere between 6 and 20 weeks! Given this long lead time, it makes sense to plan well ahead so that projects do not get delayed.

It is very likely that there will be wet trades that follow Installation of the doors so to avoid damage ensure they are properly protected after Installation.

To read more about our Aluminium Slim Sliding Door Hi-Finity by Reynaers click here

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