What Are Thermally Broken Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium is in most ways the perfect material for constructing windows and doors: it is incredibly strong, light, weather proof and needs very little maintenance to provide years of reliable use. However, aluminium is also a very good conductor of … Continued

Are Aluminium Windows and Doors Secure?

Sadly, in current times this is high on the list of questions we get asked. Everyone is conscious of making sure that their house and family is as safe as possible, but many customers aren’t aware of the stringent European … Continued

What is the U Value Of Aluminium Windows?

Carmakers have for decades offered different trims and options for their models to cater for their customers’ varying needs and budgets. The base model may provide basic performance that suits most requirements, while the fully equipped top-of-the-range offers some extra … Continued

Aluminium Curtain Wall

Aluminium Curtain Wall in domestic buildings? With the constant growth of self build “Grand Design” type projects , more and more of our clients here at Luxal have been coming to us looking for the best ways to get maximum … Continued

Aluminium Windows Cost

Aluminium Windows Cost Customers often come to us here at Luxal and ask us a simple question: How much do Aluminium Windows cost? Ahh yes, a very good question indeed and an important one too for anyone that is looking … Continued

Luxal – Luxury Aluminium Glazing

  Our customers are increasingly demanding higher quality windows and doors for their homes: better aesthetics, higher performance and longer life. So we’ve partnered with Reynaers at Home, the domestic arm of Europe’s leading aluminium glazing supplier, to manufacture, supply … Continued

Powder Coating Aluminium Windows

Powder Coating Aluminium Windows and Doors allows you to add a customised colour to suit the style of your building. However, Powder Coating is a specialised procedure and it needs experienced personnel to achieve a great and consistent result. Unfortunately … Continued