High Performance Aluminium Windows and Doors

High Performance Aluminium Windows and Doors give you the best of both worlds: a stunning expanse of glass, with super high energy efficiency. Here I have broken down each of the characteristics of High Performance glazing into separate categories – all of which are important considerations for your home or project.


Thermal Performance

The insulation and thermal performance of aluminium windows and doors has come a long way in recent years, and now with technologies such as triple glazing, warm edge spacers and Low-E coatings we can achieve U Values as low as 0.5 W/m2K – close to the insulation level of an indoor cavity wall.

High thermal performance means your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and on average aluminium window systems perform 60% better than similar specification uPVC or timber frames. This makes aluminium the ideal material for Passive House construction.


Weather Resistance

The windows and doors in your home require superb weather resistance to keep the rain and wind out, and this is even more important in coastal and remote areas where the weather really can play havoc on traditional glazing products – causing problems such as condensation, draughts and water ingress.

High Performance Aluminium Windows and Doors include multiple weather gaskets, multi-chambered profile designs and rebated frame profiles to keep the Great British weather outside where it belongs. Aluminium never rusts or rots and modern frames never need repainting, making it the perfect material for external windows and doors.


Security and Safety

Modern aluminium windows and doors offer unrivalled security performance, and are able to far surpass British and European standards. These days the glass is almost impossible to remove from outside the building, whether you choose to install internal or external glazing.

Windows and doors may also include multi-point Shootbolt and Cam Locking systems to provide a solid defence against forced entry, as well as anti-lift designs in sliding doors to prevent their removal by an intruder.

The safety of your loved ones is just as important as their security, so High Performance windows come with shatter-proof Class 1 safety glass – which means that you don’t need to worry about any dangerous shards in the event of a breakage.

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Durability and Maintenance

Aluminium does not rot or rust and requires very little maintenance to give many years of hassle-free enjoyment and operation. Unlike other materials used for manufacturing windows it does not swell up or expand in hot weather, or crack or warp after years of exposure to the elements. This makes it especially ideal for bifold doors, sliding doors and opening windows.

Modern High Performance Aluminium Windows and Doors never need to be repainted – just wipe down the frame with a damp cloth every now and again to keep them looking as good as new.


Flexible Design

Using the latest computerised CNC machinery, Aluminium windows and doors can be manufactured to meet even the most demanding Grand Design. Almost any shape is possible: triangles, arches, hexagons, even beautifully curved bay windows.

With aluminium you also have the choice of 400 RAL colours – and the option to paint each side of your windows and doors in a different colour. This means you can let your windows blend seamlessly into their exterior environment, while perfectly matching your interior design.


High Quality Finishes

Aluminium Window Colours

High Performance Powder Coating gives a finish to your aluminium windows and doors which is luxurious and tactile yet hardwearing and tougher than conventional paint.

At Luxal we use powder coatings supplied by DuPont to achieve improved coverage and durable yet luxurious finishes to our window profiles. With over 400 colours to choose from in the range of RAL and standard colours you can be sure to get the perfect shade and surface finish for your home.


Environmental Performance

Aluminium is an environmentally sustainable material with a higher recyclability rate than most other metals. In fact, recycling is actively encouraged within the aluminium windows and doors industry because it takes 20 times less energy (and therefore cost) to recycle aluminium than to manufacture new.

Aluminium windows and doors typically last for 40 years, compared to 25 years for uPVC systems – further enhancing the material’s green credentials.


If you have any questions regarding any of these topics and how to make sure you get right windows and doors for your project, please leave a comment below or call us on 0203 00 22 088.


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