How Much do Aluminium Windows Cost?

One of the first things you’ll want to know when planning your aluminium windows or doors project is… “how much is this going to cost?” And I know that’s the kind of information I would want NOW rather than filling out forms and hanging around for glazing companies to provide quotes.

So my aim in this article is to arm you with at least a ballpark figure in your mind to help you budget for your project. I hope it will also be useful to give you some guidance when approaching suppliers for quotations.


What has the highest impact on Aluminium Windows cost?

The element of any glazing project which has the most impact on cost is its thermal performance, or U-Value. You can read our article on U-Values  to find out what it is and why it so so important, but to summarise: the better the insulation and thermal performance, the more expensive your windows will be.

This is also where the majority of your budget should go; better insulation will make your home more comfortable, give better protection from the great British weather, and can dramatically reduce your energy bills.


Double or Triple glazing?

In any aluminium windows project, the majority of the cost goes into the frame design, manufacturing and finishing rather than the actual glass. With modern manufacturing techniques it is possible for us to make the most enormous panes of premium quality glass for comparatively little cost.

Typically, the difference between triple glazing and double glazing is just a few hundred pounds, so the decision to upgrade boils down to whether you need the additional sound-proofing and insulation. If you do decide to fit triple glazing, make sure that the frames you have chosen can take it at the size you require.

Typically, the difference between triple glazing and double glazing is just a few hundred pounds…


What additional costs do I need to keep in mind?

As with any building or construction project, there will always be additional costs relating to planning, design, logistics and maintenance. Here are a few extras you’ll need to factor into your budget:

Site Survey – it is essential that your windows supplier meets you and/or your builder at your property to ensure that they fully understand the project and its context, and to ensure that you get the exact product and finish that you require. You can expect to pay anything up to £400 for a site survey – but make sure that your supplier quotes you for this correctly according to their distance from your project.

Onsite Survey for aluminium windows

Delivery – aluminium windows and doors are heavy, bulky items which makes delivery to your property potentially expensive. Often your windows supplier will include delivery free of charge, especially if you have also hired them to install the units, so make sure you ask about this.

Installation – Your local builder, or the aluminium glazing supplier themselves, will professionally install your windows once delivered (I don’t recommend you do this yourself!) and you can expect to pay around £1,000 per day.

Servicing – Modern aluminium windows are precision pieces of engineering, and although these days they don’t require any attention on a day-to-day basis they do require regular servicing. Make sure that your supplier provides details of the type of minor servicing required.

Tax and VAT – If you are a homeowner, make sure that you take VAT and any other taxes into account when you’re comparing prices from suppliers – with VAT now at 20% it can give you a nasty surprise if you’re not careful! However, new build and international projects may be partially or fully VAT-exempt, so it is best to get advice from your accountant.


Now get your quotes!

I hope I’ve been able to show you what aluminium windows costs to expect and what to look out for when contacting suppliers.

Please do request a quotation from Luxal on our website here. You can even upload your architect drawings, plans or anything else that will help us to give you a fast, accurate quotation. We promise to send your quote within 24 hours of receiving the relevant information – and our quotations are fully computerised and itemised with no hidden costs.

If you have any questions about how much aluminium windows cost, or if you’d like an honest opinion on a quote you have already received from a supplier, please leave a comment below.


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