Onsite Survey for Aluminium Windows: What, why, when and who?


The On-Site Survey for aluminium windows is an essential part of your project, vital to make sure that you get the right product for your needs and that installation goes as smoothly as possible.

It involves a professional Surveyor visiting your property or your project and reviewing and double-checking the measurements, product options and even the location and its surroundings – keeping an eye out for any issues that could occur during installation or even during the future operation of your windows and doors.


When is an On-Site Survey carried out?

Customers often ask us to visit their property for a survey at a very early stage in the buying process – and in rare circumstances this is a sensible option and we arrange the survey accordingly. However, in the vast majority of cases a survey is not required until the price for the windows and doors has been agreed and we have received the signed order from the customer.

This is because clients usually decide to begin their search for their new windows fairly early in the build stage and at that time there is often nothing to physically measure – the building has either not started at all or is just getting off the ground.


So how can the quote be given before a survey?

You may wonder how we can quote so reliably before surveying the project. This is simply because we trust our highly trained staff to provide accurate quotations based on architect drawings or window schedules – as well as from in-depth conversations with the customer to understand their exact needs and what they want to achieve from their project.

Among the many things discussed before a quotation is drawn up are topics like “U-Values” to ensure that the project complies with the latest building regulations. And perhaps the location of the project or its proximity to the coast means that it requires a special marine grade paint to fight off the elements of the sea. Or perhaps there are special wind load pressures to meet. Thanks to the experience of our staff, this can all be taken into account without the need of an extra site survey – which reduces the cost and duration of the project.


A great surveyor is essential

Around 75% of our projects are installed by our own team and so a full site survey comes as part of the job. And one thing we have learned over the years is the importance of having a great surveyor. Our Chief Surveyor Jonny Hunt has been with us right from the start, carrying out our surveys impeccably for the last 15 years. In fact he is a childhood friend and so we know him inside out! (Just as he knows his craft inside out.)

Sometimes, architects’ drawings are misread and perhaps a lintel or Catnic is sited differently than intended. The homeowner then needs to make a call on what they think is best to keep the project on course and in budget. This is where Jonny’s experience is invaluable, because he can help the customer in making the best choice in respect of the glazing specification or build amendment.


Communication and documentation

Whatever the decision of the customer regarding any quote amendment Jonny’s job as surveyor is to ensure that if anything gets changed from the original quotation that everyone involved knows about it in great detail! History tells us that if it is accurately documented and agreed by all concerned this is by far the best method for reducing stress and extra costs at a later date.

The old adage of “measure twice, cut once” is a wisdom you’d be best to remember in any building project…


If you have any questions about the onsite survey for aluminium windows, please leave a comment below and we’ll ask Jonny to provide the expert answer for you!


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