What Makes Luxal Different to other Aluminium Glazing Companies?


There are two questions that we are asked (quite reasonably) more often than any others: What makes Luxal different to other aluminium glazing companies? And where does Reynaers’ Aluminium Window System stand versus other aluminium windows on the market?

I know that choosing between the dozens of aluminium window companies and systems out there can be a daunting prospect for customers. It is extremely difficult to differentiate good products and suppliers from the not so good simply by looking at websites – and I’ve seen plenty of projects paralysed for months through the homeowner or project manager being afraid of picking the wrong product.


Don’t worry – the basics are covered

So it is important to remember that these days all aluminium window systems have to reach at least minimum standards of performance. Building Regulations dictate that new and replacement windows must meet a certain level of energy efficiency, and European regulations and standards from organisations like BSI means you can trust that whatever windows you buy they will at least offer a decent level of safety and security.

However, in aluminium window systems as in most other things in life you usually get what you pay for. There are definitely “budget” class systems out there that will do the job to a degree, but as manufacturers and Installers we have always struggled to comprehend how purchasing window systems towards the bottom end of the market can make sense.

Sure, we could save a few pounds here and there by using systems like Beaufort, Smarts or Seniors. But we wanted to position Luxal and our products and services at the top end of the market – manufacturing and supplying the best window systems available.

Because if there’s one reason above all others that explains why we do not manufacture or supply budget systems to our customers, it is from our background as Window Installers.


The experiences we’ve had lead us to work with the best aluminium companies

As a family company all of the main stakeholders in the business are from an Installation background. So we all have first-hand experience of actually fitting windows and doors into real homes, and we’ve all seen the problems, expense and heartache that can occur when the window system is less than well designed.

If there’s one reason above all others that explains why we do not manufacture or supply budget systems to our customers, it is from our background as Window Installers…

The Reynaers Aluminium Window & Door systems are widely recognised globally as being up there with the very best. You only have to look at the many prestigious projects around the world to see the evidence where top design professionals and architects put their faith in Reynaers to match the style of the building perfectly with their aluminium windows and doors – including the London Olympics 2012 Athletes Village and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

Reynaers was founded in 1965 and now employs over 1,000 people in 27 countries. With an annual turnover of €450m they are one of the world’s largest glazing systems companies.

Having visited their head office many times in Duffel, Belgium, I can clearly see why they are regarded so highly. I guess as in most great companies, great people working in a great environment results in leading edge products that employees, partners and customers are passionate about.


What makes Luxal so different to other aluminium glazing companies?

So we’ve brought the very best Reynaers products – including the stunning Hi-Finity Ultra Slim sliding door range – and introduced them to the UK market, manufacturing them here in our factory in Heywood, Manchester, to our customers’ bespoke requirements.

Apart from our passion to bring the highest quality products to our customers, here is a brief outline of our qualities that make us different:


  • From initial contact you will be dealing with the same person who will handle all of your technical questions and prepare a quotation in a timely manner. You will never be given the “hard sell”, because we work with our clients with a consultative approach. And we will never take advantage of a customer’s limited knowledge of pricing. We do not start with high quotes and reduce to close. We simply give you our best price first time, and there are no hidden costs. Our margins are set to make a profit to enable us to grow and make enough money to service our customers over the lifetime of the products supplied.


  • Our Installation Department Manager will liaise with you to arrange a visit from our Surveyor – who has been with the company for 15 years – to meet you on site to discuss more technical details as well as take final measurements.


  • We will place the order with Reynaers for your particular profiles and glass. When the profiles arrive they will be carefully inspected prior to being cut and fabricated using the latest CNC machinery in our Manchester factory. This ensures consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process and should not be judged on the same basis as old fashioned hand tool manufacturing processes which are much less consistent where quality is concerned. Having control of our own manufacturing is also a major benefit to our customers – we are not reliant on outside schedules that can disrupt the flow of the project.


  • The same Installation Department Manager will arrange a mutually convenient date for our Installers to attend site to carry out and complete installation. There are many questions and points to cover at this stage like access issues and to ensure that all apertures are ready to accept the glazing.


  • Our Surveyor is also responsible for being on site on day 1 of the installation as Site Manager. This can be very useful to the client as our Surveyor will have better knowledge of the site than the installers, and he also understands the requirements of the customer. For example, some projects require the glazing to be installed in a certain order so that other trades are not inconvenienced.


  • Our Surveyor will of course be constantly monitoring the Installation of each window and ensure that it meets with our own standards and the requirements of the customer. For example, some customers ask us not to seal the external face of the frames until later in the build process and where this can be achieved without issues we can usually oblige.


I hope this has given you some background into why we are so passionate about Reynaers’ products over all other aluminium glazing companies, and that it’s given you a good overview of how we at Luxal differentiate ourselves with the quality of our service and manufacturing.

If you have any questions about anything raised here, please leave a comment below or feel free to Call Us on 0203 00 22 088.



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