What Types of Aluminium Windows and Doors Would be Suitable for my Project?

Back in the day, this was an easy question to answer.

As Henry Ford famously said about his Model T: “any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” The same was pretty much true of the aluminium glazing industry a few years ago.

But now with the wide availability of computer controlled CNC machines plus vast improvements in finishing and painting technology there are just as many varieties and specifications of aluminium windows and doors as there are cars.

In fact, here at Luxal we now manufacture 7 different aluminium window systems, each with around 5 outer frame variants and 20 glass options. That’s over 700 different configurations and combinations for a single window! Then you’ve got a choice of 400 colours and 10 handle designs…


700 combinations? 400 colours? So which is right for me?

First let’s start with the basics. Here is a summary of our 7 main aluminium window types, together with why you would use them for your project.

Aluminium Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors are the UK’s fastest growing home improvement product. We’ve installed over 4,000 sets in the last 4 years alone. Bifolds are folding sliding doors that open up an entire wall to really give your home that wonderful “outdoors indoors” feeling all year round.

Why would they be suitable?

Available from 2-door to 7-door configurations up to 8m in length, aluminium Bifolds are a stylish and flexible choice for most door projects. They also have a far greater open area than other solutions – up to 90% compared to patio doors’ 50% maximum open area. Bifold doors are also suitable for both external and internal use.


Sliding Patio Doors

Our stunning Sliding Patio Doors provide huge unobstructed glass areas combined with the state-of-the-art effortless sliding mechanism required to support such impressive doors.

Why would they suitable?

Modern sliding patio doors combine a traditional design with a high quality effortless sliding mechanism, and allow total flexibility in curtain and blinds design. They can also be combined with tilting windows for ventilation without opening the main doors.


Sliding Patio Doors
Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors

Our beautifully balanced Pivot Doors add a unique refinement to your home: a vast modern glass and aluminium door that just could not be supported by traditional hinges.

Why would they be suitable?

Designed primarily for internal use, Pivot Doors can be used as a stunning entrance between your house and conservatory or garden room. The huge glass panels they are able to support can make a real statement in your home for the ultimate Grand Design.

Aluminium Windows

Modern aluminium windows offer fantastic insulation levels and stunning contemporary design, as well as increased safety. There are many options to choose from here alone.

Fixed panoramic: Huge expanses of glass can be supported by aluminium frames, which allows us to manufacture gorgeous panoramic windows that give you uninterrupted views of the outside world.

Casement: Also known as “sash windows”, these combine traditional design with modern materials. Casement windows are available with opening leafs top-hung or side-hung. Top-hung windows have the advantage of providing ventilation even when raining, while side-hung allows opposite sides to swing out.

Tilt and Turn: These innovative windows can provide the best of both top-hung and side-hung worlds by allowing both in a single configuration.

Parallel Opening: These give maximum ventilation while minimizing draughts – and without any compromise in security. The windows remain parallel when open, appearing to just hover in front of their original position.

CS68 Hidden Vent Aluminium Windows
Roof Windows

Roof Windows

Our stunning aluminium roof windows really make a difference to your extension or existing rooms. Natural light streams through the wide expanse of glass, providing a light and airy space no matter what time of year.

Why would they be suitable?

Roof windows are a fantastic way of letting natural light into your home and are perfect for new extensions, loft conversions, or any areas without loft space above.

Curtain Walling

Our lightweight aluminium frame is perfect for adding stunning Curtain Walls to your home, supporting glass walls spanning multiple floors while reducing construction costs.

Why would they be suitable?

If you require continuous glazing that spans more than one floor level then there is a good chance that you require Aluminium Curtain Walling. This is the ultimate “Grand Design” project!

Curtain Walls
Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens

Our stunning Winter Garden solution is a clever and innovative way to make great use of your patio or decking and protect your al fresco entertaining from the elements.

Why would they be suitable?

A Winter Garden is designed to offer basic protection from the wind, and is not absolutely wind-proof. The sleek glass panels fold out of the way when no shelter is required, and as the evening turns chilly they can be slid across to form a discreet wind breaking barrier while still providing unobstructed views of your garden.



We can suggest the best system when we know what you need

Only by using our many years of experience in the glazing industry and by spending the right amount of time discussing your project on the phone or in person are we able to begin to offer advice on which window system is right for your home.

It is also essential that we fully understand your requirements and we work in partnership with you to make your project a success. We are aware that the Aluminium Window & Door industry has a reputation of being less than customer-friendly. We’re working hard to change this perception, and we want to make you feel totally at home in this strange world of aluminium windows!

So it is impossible to know which aluminium window system is right for you unless we talk to you. Give us a call on 0203 00 22 088, or come and see our state-of-the-art showrooms in Reading and Manchester, and we’ll have the perfect solution for you in no time.


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