Choosing the right style of window for your project is important not only to the exterior aesthetics of your building but also to the interior experience.

The advantage of our aluminium windows is that they are suitable for a wide variety of buildings including contemporary new builds, renovations and modern extensions. Forgetting the stunning style of aluminium double glazing for one moment, there are also a number of characteristics in the materials and manufacture of aluminium windows that offer unrivalled advantages to you:

Durable &

Durable material with a long life

Does not bend, rot or rust

Low maintenance

Non-flammable and very safe

Incredibly strong


Environmentally friendly material

100% recyclable

Easy to work with

Outstanding thermal insulation

Protects against noise pollution

Comfort &

Superb price to quality ratio

Water-, air- and wind-tightness

Insulated against heat and cold

Optimal acoustic insulation

Stunning shades and colours

Aluminium Window Colours


We offer more than 400 beautiful colours to help you find the perfect finish for your aluminium windows and doors.




Aluminium double glazing is sound proof, wind proof and watertight allowing you complete tranquillity and relaxation.


Aluminium Frames


We recently made a £250k investment in the latest CNC machines for quicker delivery times and a world class finish.


Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Choose double or triple glazing for exceptionally high thermal insulation, together with thermally broken profiles.


Aluminium Window Security


Aluminium windows and aluminium doors offer superb security – with options from burglary to bullet resistance.




The slimmest lines on the market, plus panel heights of up to 3m, make our aluminium windows a stunning choice.




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